HVAC Problems Making it Tough to Continue Summer School

HVAC Problems Making it Tough to Continue Summer School

There was recently a story online about a school district that is facing difficulties while trying to figure out the funding and budgets necessary to keep the school open during the summer months.  Summer school is an important part of the education process for some students, which means that districts want to do what they can to offer those services, but the high school, in question, is struggling with HVAC complications that could close down the summer school program.

The HVAC system is over cooling certain spaces in the building.  Unfortunately, this is not an all-together uncommon complication.  It is one that can generally be corrected, however, and often comes down to a poor maintenance schedule for the system.

Cooling systems do require regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to do their jobs correctly.  Throughout the cooling season, and beyond, the system should be regularly evaluated to ensure that everything is operating smoothly.  Filters must be replaced, fan belts may have to be tightened, and coils will need occasional cleaning.  Without this regular maintenance, failure is far more likely to occur.

There is the additional matter of controls to consider as well.  The proper controls, combined with regular maintenance, can help to ensure that all serviced spaces are kept at a comfortable temperature and humidity.  Outdoor air temperature sensors and relative humidity sensors, for instance, play a big role in regulating air conditioning systems.  If these are not installed properly, if they should fail for some reason, or they are not correctly maintained, a building may experience the problems currently suffered by this school district, because it can result in the system running at a greater rate than necessary, in fans operating improperly, or other similar issues.

SRP controls provides a wide range of affordable plug-and-play outdoor air temperature – and relative humidity sensors. These tools could be all that is needed to get this school back on track in time for summer classes.