How Temperature Control Instruments Improve Employee Productivity

How Temperature Control Instruments Improve Employee Productivity

So many business owners and managers are trying so hard to offer modernized office layouts, work-from-home options, and improved benefits packages simply to retain the best possible staff and to boost productivity levels.  While all of those efforts are certainly worthwhile, there is one thing that might have been overlooked by those in charge – the temperature.

Though humans have an incredible ability to control internal, core temperatures, we do not always respond well when forced to endure a chill or extreme heat.  This is true outdoors, and is the reason why so many people favor Spring and Fall, the two seasons known for moderate temperatures.  It may also be the reason that you have seen a drop in productivity in your business.

Office buildings with poorly maintained temperatures serve as poor work spaces for the employees forced to be there for several hours each day.  Heating systems that fail to be efficient in the winter, and cooling systems that struggle to keep up with summertime heat can cost you in more ways than one.  Not only will you see your energy bills soar, you will also likely notice a damaged office morale, and, of course, reduced productivity.

Numerous collegiate studies have been done on this topic, and the combine research suggests that optimal office temperatures fall between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Move the thermostat just a degree or two outside that range and people will feel less comfortable and you can see slips in productivity levels.

Temperature control instruments can be used to maintain the preferred office environment.  There are other factors that come into play.  People who are young, overweight, or traditionally overdressed will prefer cooler offices.  Those who are older, thinner, or prone to wearing lighter weight clothing will prefer the warmer end of the temperature range.  When two side-by-side offices are outfitted with the right temperature control instruments, both employees can work in comfort.