How Pharmaceutical News Can Impact HVAC Industry

How Pharmaceutical News Can Impact HVAC Industry

We read an article recently regarding the projected growth of Biological Safety Testing within the pharmaceutical industry, which we found very interesting.  Biologics, of course, refers to those substances that are derived from living organisms, and are, therefore, subject to contamination.  Because many biologics are essential for the creation of medications and vaccines, the pharmaceutical industry must work to ensure that there is no contamination of those ingredients.  With testing standards set forth by organizations like the FDA becoming increasingly strict, it is expected that the safety testing market will experience great growth over the next five years.

The article actually provided the following reasons for the expected expansion of the biological testing market:

  • Rise in human population
  • Increased innovation and development in the pharmaceutical sector
  • More private investment in medical-related funds
  • Greater R&D budgets to coincide with new innovations
  • Governmental influence on pharmaceutical industry: funding and restrictions

All of this is good news for the HVAC industry.  It may seem like an illogical connection drawn between two unrelated sectors, but in truth, both the pharmaceutical- and the HVAC industries will benefit from the growth of the biological testing market.  The need for more testing facilities will obviously mean need for standard heating and cooling systems.  Additionally, these testing facilities rely on precisely controlled environments within which they can maintain absolute control over temperature, humidity levels, and fresh air intake.  All of that will rely on highly efficient HVAC systems, outfitted with sensors and controls to ensure that the precise climate is maintained at all times.

SRP Controls offers up those sensors and controls – air temperature sensors, programmable thermostats, outdoor air temperature sensors, duct pressure sensors, humidity sensors, etc. – that will be needed to outfit the new biological testing facilities, which will undoubtedly be in demand if the market experiences the projected growth.