How New Technology is Changing the HVAC Market

How New Technology is Changing the HVAC Market

There is no secret about the fact that technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives.  This certainly extends into the HVAC, sensor and control markets.  We expect the technological advancements have only just begun in this industry, as many are just now coming to realize how much can be done to improve the HVAC experience at home.

Absolute Control in the Home

For quite some time now, commercial and industrial buildings have been outfitted with truly smart HVAC systems, that allow technicians and maintenance crews to control just about every aspect of the system from a control board.  While the technology isn’t entirely new, it has long been inaccessible to the average homeowner because of the vast costs associated.  That, however, is beginning to change, thanks to the smart technology that powers our cell phones and tablets.  Today, many homes have already received thermostat upgrades.  Programmable- and even learning thermostats are making it easier than ever before to maintain a comfortable space while reducing energy consumption.  With the right settings, the temperature will automatically be reduced in unoccupied zones – while a person is sleeping, working, or doing routine errands.

Above and Beyond the Thermostat

It’s not just the temperature settings that can be accessed by homeowners and residential technicians.  With the right sensors and controls, alerts can be sent to the homeowner when filters need to be changed or when potential problems arise.

Taking Those Controls on the Go

With smart-, mobile technology readily available, homeowners will soon be able to retrofit their systems, so they can change temperature sensors and receive HVAC alerts while at work, on the road, or taking a vacation.

This is only the beginning.  Undoubtedly, the advancements will continue as our technology gets increasingly smarter, and that will surely mean better, more innovative sensors and controls too!