How Manufacturing is Giving the HVAC Industry a Big Boost

How Manufacturing is Giving the HVAC Industry a Big Boost

There are several areas serviced by the HVAC industry- manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, etc.  Of those, though, it will be the manufacturing segment that will push the HVAC growth over the coming years.  Money spent on HVAC for use in manufacturing, is expected to grow by four percent over the next five years.  Just this segment of the HVAC market is expected to be worth nearly eight billion dollars by the end of the decade.

Where will these boosts come from in the industrial HVAC market?  Analysts are suggesting that the greatest increases will be seen in the automotive industry, which makes sense.  Like residential customers, those creating the cars and trucks of tomorrow are focusing a lot of their attention on energy-efficiency.  HVAC greatly impacts fuel consumption.  Whether in the car of in one’s home, it is very important to recognize how recent innovation has made HVAC better- and more affordable than ever before.

Technology has finally made its way into the HVAC sector that allows very powerful computers and software to integrate with existing systems, and new systems. This means that the end user has a more efficient operating system that costs less to operate and performs better. One reason for the advanced performance is control devices.

SRP Controls Systems provides many types of temperature-, pressure-, and humidity controls that allow for integration with advanced software. This integration enables the entire system to be more precisely controlled, so systems aren’t working harder than necessary to maintain a comfortable environment.  This is true whether considering a chilled water, hot water heating, or other form of HVAC system.

The new advancements in HVAC, and the desire to reduce energy consumption, are going to push consumers, in all segments, to seek new systems and controls.  That means growth, which is excellent news for those working in the industry, but could also be a better future for all those living on this planet.