How CVS May Provide Boost to HVAC Industry

How CVS May Provide Boost to HVAC Industry

What does CVS – a national pharmacy chain – have to do with the HVAC industry?  How is it possible that a drugstore could actually cause a boost in a seemingly unrelated market?  The answer comes down to product testing.

We have written in the past, numerous times, about the part HVAC systems play in creating the controlled environments needed for proper product testing.  Most products sold to consumers today are subjected to lengthy testing before being laid out on store shelves.  However, some industries are subjected to much more stringent testing protocols than others.  The FDA helps to ensure that all foods, beverages, and drugs sold to the public are safe for consumption as directed on the labels.  There are exceptions, however.

Dietary supplements, vitamins, and other such products are often not subjected to FDA regulations, because they are not classified as drugs.  For many years, this has been a source of dispute among those related to the industry.  Now, CVS has stepped and determined that if the FDA isn’t going to require certain testing protocol for vitamins and supplements, then they will.

There are between 9,000 and 10,000 CVS stores throughout the nation.  More than five million consumers are served by CVS daily.  Each of these locations sells vitamins and supplements to the general public.  Therefore, it is easy to understand how this organization would have a lot of power over the vitamin and supplement industry.  Those manufacturing such herbal remedies could stand to lose large profit margins if they were not allowed to sell their products on CVS shelves.  In order to continue doing so, according to recent reports, the supplement manufacturers must showcase proof that their products have been subjected to third-party testing to verify the ingredients listed on the label.  There will also be a requirement to have product testing done if there are controversial or potentially dangerous ingredients included in the vitamin or supplement.

This is not the first ‘first’ for CVS.  This organization was also the first pharmacy chain to go smoke-free – removing all cigarettes and tobacco from store shelves.  Of course, all of this new testing will require labs with environmental controls.  This is where the HVAC, sensor, and controls market will come in – providing the tools to maintain exact temperatures and humidity levels for those doing the testing.