How Best to Prepare Instruments for Calibration Service Providers

How Best to Prepare Instruments for Calibration Service Providers

How Best to Prepare Instruments for Calibration Service Providers

When sending out your equipment for repair or calibration services preparing correctly can be less stressful.  It will also provide a more timely return on your instruments.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) to Initiate Service

The start for getting your equipment repaired or calibrated begins with the paperwork.  Whether it is an actual form or an online form. The form that needs to be created is a Return Material Authorization. This form asks for contact information, the manufacturer, the model number, serial number, service required, and the calibration interval. The most common service options are NIST Traceable Calibration, 17025 Accredited Calibration, and Service (Repair). In many cases you may need a repair and a calibration, it is best to make a note of both services to be done. The calibration interval is the period of time establishes for a test instrument to be returned for calibration.  You can find it here.

Once the RMA request is complete, you will receive a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA) for your equipment. In most cases, if you have multiple items you can combine them in a service request to get them looked at all at once. You will receive an email with instructions on shipping the device(s).

Questions about Pricing, Replacement, and Options

There are times where the online tool may not be the best solution for you. These include replacement orders, which are items close to the end of life where it may be more economical for you to replace your calibration equipment rather than pay for service. If you have questions about pricing and equipment, then it is best to call the lab.  This way you can discuss your particular needs so that a technician can help you. If you aren’t sure about the possibility of the unit being able to be repaired, you can always send it in for evaluation.

Shipping Your Equipment

Servicing your calibration equipment can be a time of uncertainty. In addition to the time without your unit available to your lab, there is also the concern that comes with packing and shipping a unit and then waiting for it to return safely. Here are some tips to make this process fast and easy. You will get your equipment back in great working condition as soon as possible.

Include the Paperwork in the Box

When you obtain your RMA, the lab will send an email with the paperwork confirming your order. This paperwork will include your order, address, manufacturer, model, serial number, and service order. Including a copy of the paperwork can make things faster and easier for the service technicians when they receive your box. All paperwork gets double-checked however, it is the fastest and easiest when there is a starting place.

Create the RMA / Purchasing Order Before Shipping

If the purchase order has been made, then the calibration lab can begin servicing the equipment as soon as it arrives. Many calibration labs will not accept equipment without the proper paperwork or information as it causes unnecessary delays. If a repair seems probable, issuing a zero value PO helps avoid delays as well.

Read the Confirmation and Instructions

The confirmation will include the mailing address for equipment also who to address it to.  It will also contain the RMA number associated with that specific unit. Attaching the reference page with the RMA number as well as any additional comments about what needs to be done or what is wrong with the unit will save time.

Only Include Accessories That Require Service

Only ship the accessories that will be required for the service you have chosen. The information is included in the confirmation email. Although all items are labeled, sending extra accessories is unnecessary as the technicians have to document receipt of them and sort through them to find what they need to do the service.

Return of Equipment by Your Calibration Service Provider

Make sure that all the information on your purchase order is up to date.  This is so in case they need to contact you.  Also for when it is time to ship back, it is readily accessible.

By having an organized preparation plan in place, you will find that your equipment will be repaired, calibrated, and returned in a smooth and faster transaction. At SRP control systems ltd, we take the utmost care of your equipment.  We understand the importance it has for your business. Contact us today with any questions you may have.