Freezing Temperatures Can Cause Financial Fall Outs

Freezing Temperatures Can Cause Financial Fall Outs

From the time we are just old enough to venture out on a cold day or old enough to be left waiting while squeeze pops solidify, we know that when water meets freezing temperatures, ice will be formed.  While that is an amazing miracle when it comes to the childhood Popsicle, it isn’t such a pleasant prospect when speaking of heating systems.

There are all types of situations that have occurred as a result of cold weather wreaking havoc on heating systems, and none of them are pleasant, which is why, as adults, we must be aware of the dangers of freezing cold temperatures.

In larger commercial buildings the use of Ultra Electronic Temperature sensing solution’s Freezestat control can be used to ensure that the heating pipes do not freeze in case of malfunction.  There are many components that can be controlled by this single sensor, launching a full scale defense against cold air.  When temperatures fall below the set point, the sensor will usually initiate an alarm, close the outside air dampers, and shut down the supply air fans.

For residential applications, it is not always that complicated, but there is still reason for concern.  In the past, residents were advised to run water through the night to prevent freeze ups.  It might have worked with the water lines, but, unfortunately, the drain lines are also exposed to the cold.  The backend freezing can cause the homeowner just as much trouble when the drain lines freeze, back up, and cause water damage to the interior of the home.

So, in residential cases, it’s always good to check the insulation in the home, and also the placement of the hot and cold water lines.  The Optris Laser sight LS Infrared thermometer can be used to spot check areas during cold weather, and help the home owner add insulation in the areas where air leaks are noted.