Even the Giants Need the Tiniest of Sensors and Controls

Even the Giants Need the Tiniest of Sensors and Controls

Wal-Mart has quickly become one of the top providers of foods and beverages in this country, through Wal-Mart Super Centers and via Sam’s Club.  The Super Stores and bulk buy food clubs have changed the way that consumers shop – able to get almost everything they could possibly need in a single stop.

However, all of those foods and beverages mean a greater need for quality assessments and testing procedures.  The retail giant has built a new 12,000 square foot facility, which will serve as an area for food- and beverage research – complete with 10 kitchens – as well as a place to do quality testing on those products en route for the chain stores.

This facility, as one might expect, will feature high-end, top-of-the line equipment, so that chefs, researchers, and quality control professionals can do their jobs to the best of their abilities.  The kitchens will, essentially, be like your kitchen at home, though on a larger scale, with the best of the available commercial fixtures and appliances.

It is on the testing end, though that real attention to detail will be necessary. In order to test products, the Wal-Mart team must take into consideration environmental issues.  Throughout the building, the environmental factors will be carefully considered — in the prep kitchens, production rooms, storage areas, etc. This is a billion dollar business, which could be devastated by poor climate control in the space.

The proper control of temperatures can make or break production. That’s why temperature control suppliers like SRP controls systems are so important to the food and beverage markets. With high quality, affordable temperature sensor devices that easily integrate into any existing system, companies like Wal-Mart can ensure that they are able to develop the new and innovative products that consumers like, and that these products will be safe for consumption when they reach the customers’ hands.