Efficiency Lawsuits Prompt Homeowners to Be More Proactive

Efficiency Lawsuits Prompt Homeowners to Be More Proactive

Product liability lawsuits against HVAC systems manufacturers are beginning to pop up around the country.  The plaintiffs argue that the systems are failing prematurely as a result of manufacturing choices.

With the presence of cases likes these, where HVAC equipment, such as a particular Daikin mini split system, are prematurely failing, there is certainly a level of anxiety among other homeowners, who don’t want to face the same complications with their own HVAC equipment.

These are often some of the largest expenses for homeowners, and so many are taking action, becoming more proactive, in order to prolong the lives of their heating and air conditioning units, regardless of the make and model.

If you are a homeowner and want to be sure that your own home is operating as it should, the first thing to look for is the name plate data ratings. For instance, on a boiler, this information will be provided as output BTUh. With some simple temperature measuring devices, like the Optris Lasersight infrared handheld meter, you can begin to monitor the system performance based on those data ratings.

Keep in mind that there are other factors involved in performance, like combustion quality, venting, and piping. But with the handheld lasersight, data can be collected and a true understanding of how well your heating system is performing can be achieved.

So, what do you do if you notice a discrepancy or major issue?  If you notice the performance of the boiler starts to decrease over time despite the fact that the boiler was recently cleaned and tuned by a local HVAC technician, then it is certainly possible that you are dealing with a faulty piece of equipment.  The HVAC technician can help you further assess the problem, to determine the cause of the issues. Should the piece of equipment be deemed faulty, then you could certainly contact the manufacturer and request assistance.