Educated Customers Asking for Home Air Balancing

Educated Customers Asking for Home Air Balancing

Air conditioner with maintenance tools in residential back yard

The internet is a blessing and a curse at times, but you can be certain that it does lead to a more informed customer base.  In some ways, that can be a challenge, when you are forced to regularly correct the myths related to HVAC, but there are also major benefits.  For instance, more and more homeowners are seeking HVAC technicians to have air balancing done in their houses.

Likely one of the top internet searches related to the HVAC industry is ‘how to reduce my heating/cooling expenses’.  For those heating and cooling their homes with air, balancing is one of the top recommendations.  So, it is because those customers took the time to do a bit of research that you are called in to perform the air balance.

There are several causes of imbalance in a home.  Some of the more common issues include:

  • Missing or Inaccessible Dampers Unfortunately, in some areas of the country, it became a common, cost-saving effort to leave the dampers out of the system install process. In other homes, the installation technicians managed to so effectively bury the dampers (behind finished sheetrock, in many instances) that they are nearly impossible to reach.
  • Poorly Sized Ducts Systems not properly sized to the house that they are installed in are too common. They can greatly reduce the efficiency of the home, and, in some cases, make it very difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in the living space.  Undersized ducts are also a major headache for those trying to balance a system.
  • Duct Leakage This is self-explanatory.
  • Dirty or Bad Air Filters This is, very likely, the most common cause of an imbalance, particularly in homes that were previously balanced. Fortunately, it is generally an easy fix.

Some of these problems are more easily corrected than others, but if the problems are addressed, achieving proper balance really can improve the efficiency and comfort within the home.