DMV Bested by Malfunctioning HVAC

DMV Bested by Malfunctioning HVAC

The Department of Motor Vehicles is very important for residents living and working in the region.  Without these services, people cannot ensure that they are legally operating cars, trucks, vans, trailers, RVS, and more.

Unfortunately, for one DMV, HVAC problems are causing repeated closures.  The systems is failing to provide the necessary heating and cooling needed to ensure a comfortable work space for employs.  Extreme temperatures are making it an unsafe working environment, so that the officials are forced to close down until repairs are completed.

This particular office is located in a shopping mall.  These spaces are often serviced by roof top units. If installed properly, each individual suite within the mall should have its own individual roof top unit.  That provides both heating and cooling, regulated by a local thermostat.

Unfortunately, based on the information provided in the press releases, it sounds as if this roof top unit has exceeded its intended lifespan.  That is to say that it has simply died out over time and should now be replaced with a new unit.

Part of that replacement process should include the assessment of the controls serving the unit.  System upgrades can be made at the time of installation, which could benefit the DMV and the property owner, creating a more comfortable and energy-efficient space.

There are a number of controls, sensors, and even programmable thermostats offered by SRP Controls, which could be used to improve the function and feel of residential- and commercial spaces.  When problems arise, like they did in this situation, it is a good time to really take an overall evaluation of the system and all of its components to determine what can be done to lower the operation expense, while improving the overall function.

In the meantime, those in need of DMV services will have to travel to one of the other locations.