Cruise Ship Sector Has Need for Modernized HVAC Technologies

Cruise Ship Sector Has Need for Modernized HVAC Technologies

Though the shipping industry might be struggling in some sectors, cruise ships remain in high demand, and that means that there are HVAC outfits that must outfit those recreational water vessels.

In today’s world, HVAC-R technologies are ever-changing and improving.  These advancements come at increasing rate, and that is good news for an aging cruise ship fleet.  The improved technology means that the ships, which are intended to both entertain and protect the occupants, are better able to do as they are supposed to.  While the refrigerants currently aboard outdated ships are now obsolete, and dangerous if released into the environment, there are updated technologies that can be outfitted with CFC and HCFC refrigerants, which are both better for the environment and more efficient.

However, updating the aging ships isn’t always easy and straightforward.  For instance, one of the main differences that comes with the new refrigerants used in today’s market is the difference in pressure required to operate the system. In many cases, new systems require twice the amount of pressure that the old systems needed to produce the same refrigerant effect.

That means that systems that are being retrofitted with these types of systems require upgrades in sensor capabilities as well. The old sensors in place are not rated for these high pressure applications, so in order to benefit from the new refrigerants and updated technologies, the ship must also receive new sensors, capable of withstanding the high pressures. That is where the NOSHOK 100 series current output pressure transmitter comes into play. These pressure sensors are highly accurate and tough. They are extremely stable over long periods of time.  In an industry that shows no signs of waning, that long lifespan is especially important.

So, for years to come, people can seek the fun, comfort, and adventure that comes with riding on the water, aboard a modernized vessel.