Could a Duct Air Temperature Sensor Be The Right Choice?

Could a Duct Air Temperature Sensor Be The Right Choice?

Whether you’re trying to meet new code standards in a home or you simply think a way to track the flow of energy and get a closer look at system performance has finally become a must, the simple solution is to install the right duct air temperature sensor.

What Are They?

Duct sensors are used to measure both the supply and return air temperature in any HVAC system. While most new systems come equipped with these today, adding them to an existing system isn’t generally difficult, and it can help make a system far more efficient. There are a number of sensor elements on the market today, so compatibility is never an issue. They’re fairly easy to install, too, as field calibration isn’t generally required. With a standard probe length of 12 inches, you’re going to find exactly what you need right away.

Your Best Option

If you’re searching for a better duct air sensor, you simply won’t find a more durable choice than the Ultra Electronics Duct Air Sensor. It has the ability to accurately sense temperature inside any duct, and the low cost, rugged design means it will last for years. Constructed from 316 stainless steel, it’s easy to install. It even comes with a gasket to prevent any air leakage after installation. The sensor itself can even be removed without disconnecting the unit.  If you plan to use it as part of a smart home, it can be used in conjunction with the Sensor-Mate Temperature Transmitter.

A duct air sensor is ideal in a number of different situations, and SRP Controls has one of the best options on the market. Contact us today to learn more about how it can help any of your clients create a more efficient HVAC system.