Calibration Yields Savings

Why is instrumentation and calibration so important?  Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya can tell you exactly why.  Although Chobani began as a tiny startup company in New York, the Greek yogurt manufacturer hit it big in no time, and there was an immediate need for expansion.  As their company continues to grow, with a recent new factory in Twin Falls, Idaho, for instance, the process of maintaining all of this machinery becomes extremely important.

More Than Just Yogurt

Although there were many daunting challenges to managing such a growing company, managing quality control become one of the most important.  Without a consistent product, consumers would not maintain brand loyalty.  To maintain consistency, high quality and properly calibrated instruments are a must.  There are a lot of things that must be measured, in this instance, the proper flow rate and density was critical to maintaining the correct supply.

Consistency Through Instrumentation

Almost all instrumentation is used to ensure consistency.  Whether you want a constant pressure, a constant temperature, or a constant flow rate, well-calibrated instruments ensure that there aren’t unexpected spikes, drops, or changes to your product line.  There’s a tendency among novice business owners to purchase the correct instrumentation, but they don’t follow through with correct calibration.  What this means is that the company has the potential to have a near-flawless operation, but you’re not using the equipment to its best potential.  In the worst case scenario, without properly calibrated instruments, the entire product line could be tainted or ruined completely.  Don’t fall into that trap.  When purchasing the necessary instrumentation for your business, make sure that they are properly calibrated to ensure the highest possible accuracy.  Otherwise, instead of delicious yogurt on those store shelves, you may have nothing but inedible goop.