Bringing Your Residential HVAC into the 21st Century

Bringing Your Residential HVAC into the 21st Century

As we begin to consider the coming of a new year, we also consider how our lives have changed over the past years.  Technology is undeniably one of the greatest factors in evolving our culture in recent years.  The tech age has touched nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives.  Computers have long been found in our offices and homes, but now we have them in our cars, carry them in our pockets and purses, and even wear them around our wrists.  They have also made their way into the design of HVAC systems for residential properties.  If you want to bring your HVAC system into the 21st century, then you might consider the following.

Programmable Thermostats These are hardly new, but there are still many homes that have not upgraded to the programmable varieties.  There are definitely advantages of having these implemented into your HVAC system.  They can greatly increase the efficiency of your home, allowing you to automatically alter the temperature maintained during hours when you are away from home and while you sleep.

The programmable thermostats are pretty amazing, but they are also receiving updates as technology improves. These days, there are thermostats that can actually learn your habits and automatically adjust the heating and cooling to suit them.  The high-tech thermostats sync with your smartphones to know where you are in the home and when you leave.  The heating and cooling is adjusted in various zones accordingly.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Mini-split systems have made it possible (and affordable) for homeowners to enjoy central air and affordable heating without costly, bulky ducts.  Again, these are not a brand new concept, but they are being enhanced and upgraded to operate in conjunction with modern technology.  They can now be operated with a smartphone or tablet.

Alternative energy sources are also being made increasingly affordable and user-friendly.  Geothermal heating and cooling is starting to break into the mainstream market, which will ultimately decrease the energy demands of homes by a large margin.  Solar energy is also becoming more affordable and these systems can also be managed and controlled from smart devices.

2018 may just be the year of better HVAC efficiency and control in your home!