Better Temperature Control Sensors for Sanitary Food Service

Better Temperature Control Sensors for Sanitary Food Service

Food safety is increasingly important in nearly every food service operation. From schools to local restaurants, food safety must take a priority to help prevent foodborne illnesses in a variety of settings. One of the single most important aspects of that process is temperature control. The leading cause for foodborne illnesses is abuse of the times or temperatures at which food is stored or cooked. Whether it’s not cooked to the recommended internal temperature, not held at the right temperature, or not cooled properly, food is susceptible any time it’s in the danger zone. The longer it sits there, the more time pathogens have to grow and make customers sick.

What You Can Do Now

No establishment or organization wants to be held responsible for  causing foodborne illnesses, and there are several things you can do right now to prevent the problem. Start with your staff. A good training program surrounding temperature control should be part of your regular continuing education programs. Anyone who might be handling food needs to be part of that training program.

The right tools are also necessary for staff to successfully monitor the situation. At SRP Control Systems, we’ve been creating the ideal temperature measurement systems for years. With some of the best choices on the market for your refrigerator and freezer system, your dry storage areas, and your ovens and steam tables, we offer a variety of different products to help ensure food safety. Man of our temperature loggers can even be linked to your monitoring software for computerized monitoring and alerts when necessary.

To find the right product to meet your needs, contact us today or browse through our full online catalog now.