Your Best Sanitary Temperature Sensor Option

Your Best Sanitary Temperature Sensor Option

Few things are more important than today’s food industry, and the equipment used to ensure that food is ready for people across the world is ever more technical and complex. Nowhere is that more true than in the world of temperature sensors. In every other industry, the measurement of temperature simply means finding the right device that offers a reasonably level of durability and a decent lifespan. In the food industry, though, not only do the measurements need to be more than accurate, but the equipment may also have to stand up to corrosive liquids and gasses, and it has to meet a variety of other sanitary standards. Is there a good temperature sensor option out there that does all of that? Absolutely – the Ultra Electronics Flush Mount Tank Temperature Sensor.

A Closer Look

This unique product offers a flush mount option few others do. It’s been specifically designed for use in sanitary applications like the food industry. Wholly non-intrusive, this is the perfect solution. In many cases, sensors can interfere with tank mixers and other technology, but that’s just not the case with this one.

It’s a fairly easy to clean sensor, too. It offers a clean in place design thanks to the dual o-rings that are built to seal. It is also constructed from 316 stainless steel, which means you get superior corrosion resistance along with an easy to clean surface.

Worried it will be a tough fit with your current set-up? It’s actually one of the most user-friendly retrofits you’ll find on the market today. Additionally, the sensor is completely removable, so the process can remain sealed during replacement or calibration.

You need reliability and accuracy, and the Ultra Electronics Flush Mount Tank Temperature Sensor provides that without the potential for false readings from the wall. To learn more, contact us today.