The Benefits and Process of Calibrating Your Instruments

The Benefits and Process of Calibrating Your Instruments


CalibratingCalibrating equipment properly is important in order to make sure you’re in compliance with health & safety requirements made at the federal and provincial/state level. If you’re a supplier, we’ll help you minimize the risk of passing along inadequate equipment. If you’re an end-user, having properly calibrated equipment can save you money in lost energy costs due to inadequate control systems, in retesting fees, and in having to buy new equipment if the old instrument can simply be calibrated.

With more than 35 years of experience and state-of-the-art facilities, we’re ISO 17025 accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and certified by NRC-CLAS.

Our calibration standards on pressure measurement & generation range up to 20,015 psi.

For electrical measurement & generation, we can calibrate voltage DC/AC, current DC/AC, resistance, and frequency. Temperature measurement and simulation ranges from -200 degrees Celsius to 850 degrees Celsius, thermocouples from -270 degrees Celsius to 1,768 degrees Celsius.

We can measure temperature up to 1,200 degrees Celsius and measure and source from -20 degrees Celsius to 650 degrees Celsius.

For humidity measurement and generation, we can measure and generate from 10- to 95-percent relative humidity.

This makes us able to service, maintain, and calibrate an incredibly diverse range of equipment.

The process is easy. Contact us at 1-800-268-2605, by e-mail at, or by message on our website. We can discuss the specifics of your needs and you can ask for any advice or knowledge you might need from us regarding your equipment. We’re happy to share our experience with you. We’ll record the service that will be required for your equipment and will send you a Return Material Authorization, or RMA.

Pack your instrument with the RMA reference and ship it to us. We will inspect your instrument, and contact you before any work is done. We’ll give you a quote and walk you through the specifics of what needs to be done. In many cases, we can help you learn how to extend the life of the instrument and how to make your processes easier. When you OK the repair or calibration, we’ll handle it quickly and efficiently, and ship it back without delay.