Amplified Product Testing

If the vast number of recalls in the recent past aren’t enough to push companies to enhance their testing processes, then the high demands and reduced attention span of the modern consumer should certainly do just that.

Once upon a time, testing was done only for the purpose of abiding by the standards set by governmental regulations laid out by organizations such as the FDA.  And, though, it may seem otherwise, given the recall notices that have been reported in recent years, companies are actually being more aggressive and proactive with their testing than ever before.

It isn’t necessarily fears of recalls that causes this push for more testing, but rather the knowledge that beating out competitors, these days, means appealing to a very precise set of expectations while contending with a highly limited attention span.  People aren’t just comparing products side-by-side in the store, they are comparing thousands of products, online and off, while performing a myriad of other tasks from a smart device.  Today’s shoppers are multi-taskers, they are not particularly loyal to brands, and they are informed shoppers.

So, companies are testing for reliability and safety, as always, but also investing a great deal in product testing that relates to customer appeal and satisfaction. While doing so, they are facing more stringent regulations from governing bodies. It is almost a step ahead or consumers to amplify testing procedures these days, because there is a good chance that regulations will continue to be tightened in an effort to prevent product recalls and consumer injury.

One way to test such products, in an effort to go above and beyond the normal guidelines, is to employ an environmental chamber to testing arsenal. SRP controls provide testing chambers capable of controlling environmental conditions for days, or even weeks. These chambers can swing temperatures drastically to simulate the harshest of conditions, so you can experience product performance just as your consumer might.