AIA EXPO 2016 Sees Innovative HVAC Control and Software Solutions

AIA EXPO 2016 Sees Innovative HVAC Control and Software Solutions

The American Institute of Architect’s hosts this annual event in honor of celebrating the new, the different, and the innovative in their industry.  This, of course, extends to the HVAC market, which directly impacts how well their designs will function in day-to-day situations.  So, those in charge were happy to showcase some of the innovative controls and software solutions currently entering the HVAC market.

These controls could, ultimately, open doors for architects, providing them new and exciting ways to approach building design and layout.  Their excitement is shared by mechanical contractors and maintenance technicians, who are provided so much more information and control over various systems, thanks to these advances.

The architects can create a beautiful, eye-catching building.  They can make the interior just as brilliant as the exterior, but ultimately, they have to work with the mechanicals team.  The equipment installed will ensure that it is not just the look, but also the feel of a space is inviting.

So, it was wonderful to see the AIA showcase the latest in air conditioning, software and controls.  These products can give the end user a more comfortable space, and more control over the temperature of that space.  Some of these units, though small and capable of blending into the space designed by the architects, can manage both cooling and heating, year round, so that space is always kept at the most optimal temperature and humidity.  But, that does rely on sensitive sensors and controls, which measure temperature inside and out to determine what function is needed and to what degree.  This message is relayed to the controls.

This is all made possible with the controls and sensors that are sold by companies like SRP Controls.  These tools are compatible with existing- and new equipment to ensure the smallest, simplest spaces, are kept just as comfortable as those spaces designed by the best of the best.