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A Guide to Choosing a Digital Pressure Gauge

A Guide to Choosing a Digital Pressure Gauge

When it comes to choosing a digital pressure gauge, understanding the differences and considering key factors is crucial. This guide aims to provide valuable information to help you select the best digital pressure gauge that suits your specific requirements.


What is a Digital Pressure Gauge?

A digital pressure gauge is an electronic device used for measuring pressure. Unlike traditional dial gauges, digital pressure gauges utilize electronic components, such as pressure transducers and display screens, to provide accurate and high-resolution pressure readings. These gauges often offer additional features like data logging, alarm settings, temperature display, and remote data transmission capabilities.


The Inner Workings of a Digital Pressure Gauge

Instead of mechanical workings, a digital pressure gauge contains pressure transducer and electronics that can digitally display a high-resolution pressure reading.  It can include data logging, min/max display, peak alarms, unit selection, temperature readout, tare function, and more.  Many gauges are capable of remote data transmission.

Digital pressure gauges rely on pressure transducers and electronic components to measure and display pressure readings digitally. These gauges can be housed in desktop or rack-mounted cases, with some models featuring multiple pressure sensors and displays for monitoring various pressure points simultaneously. They can connect directly to the process being monitored, and some are even capable of communicating with remotely mounted pressure transducers.


Continuous Process Monitoring Needs

For continuous monitoring of a single point or for remote monitoring or data collection, a digital pressure gauge is an excellent choice. It provides accurate pressure readings and offers electronic or wireless communication capabilities. If you need to monitor pressure in process pipelines, tanks, or pressurized vessels containing liquids or gases, a digital pressure gauge can be directly connected at the desired location.


Calibration Reference Standards

For calibration purposes, you can use either type of pressure gauge. However, in calibration, a source of regulated pressure must be available to read the output of the device being tested. You can calibrate a digital pressure indicator using a laboratory standard regularly. They can also use it as a portable transfer standard to verify the readings of a field standard or portable pressure calibrator. An indicator is suitable for this application as it equips them with high accuracy transducers and capabilities of multiple ranges. They can equip a digital dial gauge with a hydraulic or pneumatic pump to act as the pressure source.


Test Bench Applications

Both digital pressure gauges are suitable for test bench applications. A test bench setup can vary depending on the calibration ranges required. It may include digital dial gauges, digital pressure indicators, pressure pumps, pressure controllers, manifold valves, and other necessary instruments for accurate testing and calibration.

Top 5 Considerations When Choosing

When selecting a digital pressure gauge, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Range and Accuracy: Ensure that the gauge’s range and accuracy class align with your application’s requirements.
  • Features: Evaluate the gauge’s features to ensure they match your application’s needs and expectations.
  • Materials: Consider the gauge’s construction materials and ensure compatibility with the medium used in your application.
  • Environment: Check the gauge’s ingress protection (IP) rating and hazardous location rating to ensure suitability for your application’s environment, including explosive environments if applicable.
  • Connection: Verify that the pressure fittings on the gauge are consistent with or adaptable to your existing process connections.


Work With an Experienced Company

If you are still unsure about which digital pressure gauge you need for your lab, we can help. SRP control systems can help you take care of your equipment with one of the largest pressure laboratories in Canada. We are an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and can calibrate your equipment to meet your needs. Contact us today!

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