A Growing Water Pump Means a Growing Controls Market

A Growing Water Pump Means a Growing Controls Market

An increasing disposable income within the United States, and throughout the world, has made it possible for more people- and more municipalities to get the water pumps needed to supply adequate clean water to homes and businesses.  As other areas of the world – developing nations, especially – place large orders for water pump technology, customers in the United States are seeking improved efficiency. It isn’t just a need for clean water, but also the need for proper waste processing, the need for better food and beverage manufacturing processes, which drive the water pump market. The increased demand in all markets means that the water pump industry is bound to grow in the coming years.

It also means that the controls and sensors market is going to experience a surge.  Where there is a need for better water pumping efficiency, there is a need for improved sensors and controls, which can work to improve the energy consumption levels, the longevity, and the power of those water pumps.

SRP Controls is excited to see this growth, offering a wide variety of pressure transmitters and level indicators, designed for waste management systems, as well as for the food processing plants that require pumping technology.

The easy plug and play devices can make or break a pumping system, by providing unequaled control of the pumping system. With level indicators controlling pump, and pressure transmitters relaying system operating pressures, the system operators can easily determine if the system is operating properly.  Problems are quickly detected, and the location of the issue can be pinpointed. That means faster, easier, less expensive repairs. This type of control also allows major cost savings in energy consumption as well. The systems are allowed to modulate, which means drastically improved efficiency.

As people are made aware of the potential cost savings, the possible increase in lifespan, and the other advantages that come with better controls and sensors, the demand will continue to grow.