A Growing Instrumentation Market in Europe

A Growing Instrumentation Market in Europe

As the world economy continues to change and new markets begin to emerge, it’s expected that there will be new avenues available.  Recently, it was announced that an “Automation and Instrumentation Market in Europe in the Oil and Gas Industry” would be added to the Research and Markets regular report.  This field is growing rapidly, expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.63% over a five year period.

Two New Major Segments

There are two major segments in this new Europen market.  The first consists of industrial automation.  DCS, PLC, and SCADA are among those in this first group.  The second, automation instrumentation, consists of flow meters, control valves, and transmitters.

Why the New Developments?

Markets for instrumentation and calibration are growing all around the world.  As more work becomes automated, the need for the proper tools to ensure that these machines are operating properly continues to grow.  Because of developing technologies, additional resources are needed to ensure that all machinery is operating properly and at peak efficiency.  What good is that multi-million dollar technological marvel without the proper instrumentation to ensure it’s correct operation?

Future Uses of Instrumentation

Although the world’s technology is changing with more systems being networked and sourced through cloud computing, there’s still a need for measurement.  Sometimes these measurements are conducted remotely or through the use of digital technology that can transmit the measurements from a distance.  No matter what the future holds in terms of methodology, machinery simply must be monitored effectively and accurately.  Without precise measurements, nothing else can function.  SRP Control will be there to meet whatever challenges may be faced in the coming days, months, and years ahead.  No matter what you need, our company has always had what you need, currently has what you need, and will always have what you need.