A Closer Look at the Additel 761

A Closer Look at the Additel 761

Automated pressure calibrators can be a the perfect option in a number of different situations, and if you rely on one on a regular basis, you want one of the best products in the industry. The Additel 761 is that product. Ideal for high performance, you simply won’t find a better choice than this one both in the field and in the lab.

Better Range

The pressure in this model is generated through a built-in pump, and it’s then controlled automatically from as far as a 90% vacuum up to 600 psi. It’s measured through external 160 Series modules up to 10,000 psi, which means it has one of the best ranges out there.


Accuracy matters to your work, and the Additel 761 addresses that. Fully temperature compensated, it offers 0.02% FS accuracy, making it ideal in a number of different settings.

Two Models To Meet Your Needs

This is far from a one-size-fits-all line. Instead, you can choose from one of two models. the 761-LLP is specifically designed for low pressure calibration situations. Pressures can be set as low as .01 Pa. The control stability here is incredibly, offering better than .05 Pa. The 761-BP was made for barometric gauge calibration. There’s a quartz pressure sensor inside to help improve accuracy ratings.

Contamination Prevention

Both models are equipped with a built-in filter and liquid trap with a venting system to prevent contamination. That helps to block solid particles and collect a small amount of liquid. Both can blow out any particles through the venting system to help ensure the calibrator is never compromised.

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