3 Reasons to have HVAC System Checked Regularly

3 Reasons to have HVAC System Checked Regularly

If you haven’t had the HVAC system in your home or commercial space evaluated recently, you might live to regret the lack of consideration.  This is an important part of home- and building maintenance that is, too often, overlooked.  Here are three reasons why it is so important:

Warranty A warranty on the system isn’t going to do you any good at all, if you allow it to be voided.  Often these warranties require regular evaluation of the system, and that means that you must have proof that a technician has been maintaining the system, annually, in order to get the coverage you need, should you need it.

Safety It is important to have systems cleaned of dust, dirt, and debris, because this material could be ignited by the burner and cause a house fire.  Similarly, in many cases, clutter that builds up near the heat exchangers or furnaces can present a fire hazard.

Energy Efficiency Just because there isn’t a noticeable problem with the system doesn’t mean that it is working at top efficiency.  And, if it is not doing so, it could be costing you financially.  These systems generally account for more than half of a home’s energy expenses, and can account for just as much in a large space, depending on the operation of the commercial building.

One major item to check during the preventative maintenance of any home heating and air conditioning system is the cleanliness of heat exchangers. Whether it be a furnace, boiler, heat pump, or air conditioning system there is a heat exchanger present in all of these system. The HVAC technician should always be aware that the cleanliness of the heat exchangers is going to directly affect the homeowners heating and cooling budget and the effectiveness of the system’s performance.

So how does the technician perform test to prove that the system is operating properly? Temperature measurement across heat exchangers is one very simple method to ensure the system is operating properly. A calibrated hand held device, like the infrared thermometer OptrisLaserSight LS, provides quick analysis of the system’s temperature differentials.  This helps the technician understand the performance of heat exchangers. Poor heat exchange, or low differential temperature, indicates that the heat exchanger requires cleaning.