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Calibration Services | Instrument Repair Services | Service Exchange - Dew Point Transmitter

Our Calibration & Repair Services


Our calibration company’s laboratory provides equipment calibration for a wide range of instruments from various brands. With our qualified expert team and the latest calibration technologies, we can ensure accuracy and traceability for your instruments.

SRP Control System’s equipment calibration service follows the highest industry standards for quality results. Accredited to ISO 17025:2017, our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art standards in pressure, electrical, temperature and delivers high quality test and measurement instruments calibration.

CLAS NRC CNRC Clas 2015-01ilac mra - SCC Accredited

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Our laboratory offers high-quality repair services for a broad range of instruments and can help with instrumentation maintenance.

We are an approved repair center for major instrumentation manufacturer brands such as Additel, Michell, Isotech, and many more.

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Sensor Exchange - Dew Point Transmitter

This unique service provides a quick and efficient way of maintaining calibration of your dew point transmitter without any downtime. Regular calibration is important to maintain accuracy and traceability.

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