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Founded in 1980, SRP control systems ltd. provides products, services and calibration solutions in the oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, power generation and transmission, water/wastewater, industrial, research, aerospace, process control, and maintenance markets. Our products cover a wide range of applications from pressure, temperature, flow, level, signal conditioning, data acquisition and calibration equipment.

SRP represents the following manufacturers: AccuMac, ACR, Additel, Beamex, DMA-Aero, East Hills, Flowmetrics, GM International, Incon, Isotech, KA Sensors, Krohne, Michell, M-System, NoShok, Optris, PGC, Precision Digital, PMC, Pulsar, STS, Thermo Scientific, Transmille, Ultra Electronics, Unimeasure & United Instruments.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

SRP control systems is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This recognizes our organizations Quality Management System in its provision of instrumentation and calibration insstruments to a broad range of industries including: pharmaceutical, nuclear, oil & gas, power, automotive, water/wastewater, aerospace and many other sectors

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