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Isotech is a world leader in temperature metrology. With over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and practical use of precision temperature calibration standards, Isotech is an experienced supplier for national labs and field calibration technicians world wide.

Isotech Isocal 6 Multi-Bath Temperature Calibration System

To calibrate temperature sensors to 250°C look no further than Isotech’s Portable Stirred Liquid Baths. The Hyperion calibrates from 45°C below ambient to 140°C (284°F) and the Drago from ambient to 250°C (482°F). The useable calibration volume is a massive 65mm (2.5”) diameter and the overall depth of 190mm (7.5”) gives more than twice the volume of competitors’ products.
Isotech Jupiter 650 Dry-Block Calibrator – High Temperature

The Jupiter 650 Dry Block range offers industry-leading performance in an easy to use portable package. With its wide temperature range the Jupiter 650 will reach that important 1200°F mark making it ideal for the calibration of thermocouples as well as platinum resistance thermometers. For flexibility surface sensor and infrared thermometer accessories can be added.
Isotech Pegasus 1200 Dry-Block Calibrator – High Temperature

The Pegasus 1200 is a tube furnace, which includes a speciallyprofiled heater that gives a central zone of constant temperature. It is ideal for the calibration of noble metal thermocouples, type R and S, in industries such as glass making, electrical power, automotive and material processing. A state of the art digital controller with custom tuning and 5 discrete calibration points provides optimal control and accuracy throughout the full range of the unit.
Isotech ITS-90 Isothermal Fixed Point Towers (Isotowers)

The most accurately defined temperatures are those defining points (fixed points) of ITS-90. The leading Primary Laboratories use large fixed point cells in deep calibration furnaces that utilize Heat Pipes to eliminate temperature gradients. This combination of cell and furnace gives the smallest of uncertainties. In Isothermal Towers the fixed point cell and heat pipe (or heat siphon) have been combined to produce the ideal realizations for calibrating standard thermometers.
Isotech Fast-Cal Series Dry Block Calibrators

The new range of Fast-Cal Dry Block Calibrators.
Isotech Isis - The First -100°C Dry Block Calibrator

The Isis is a new technology Dry Block offering operation to temperatures as low as -100°C, and is the first dry block working to such low temperatures. Now it is possible to calibrate temperature sensors such as PRTs, Thermocouples and Thermisters at ultra low temperatures without the need for a liquid bath.
Isotech Medusa 511 Deep Well Calibrator & Fixed Point System

For Comparison Calibration the Medusa should be used with an insert. The standard insert has six 8mm pockets 250mm deep (0.3” x 9.8”). For flexibility the Medusa can also be used with accessories for infrared thermometers and surface sensors. The Medusa is available in both the BASIC (B) and the SITE (S) models.
Isotech milliK SPRT/PRT, Thermocouple & Thermistor Precision Thermometer

The milliK Precision Thermometer from Isotech sets a new standard for the high accuracy measurement and calibration of Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Thermistors, Thermocouple and Process Instrumentation (4-20mA) over the range -270°C to 1820°C.
Isotech MicroK Precision Thermometer

Isotech has introduced a new type of precision thermometer, which will set world standards for accuracy and stability. Designed for a wide range of highly accurate industrial and scientific calibration applications, the MicroK uses a completely new measurement technique to achieve accuracies better than 0.1 parts per million(ppm)-equivalent to 0.0001°C (0.01mK) when used with a standard platinum resistance thermometer (SPRT).
Isotech Working Standard PRTS

Isotech offers a full range of sensors for your digital thermometer. Options include longer/shorter shafts, multiple probe diameters and different cord lengths.
Isotech Gemini R High Capacity Dry-Block Calibrators

The Gemini R’s cavity’s size is 65mm x 160mm deep (2.5” x 6.3”). Maximum temperature differences are ±1°C in the range of 100°C to 500°C. The Gemini R is capable of accepting blackbody fixed points to achieve the highest level of a radiation measurement possible. Typical fixed-point uncertainties are ±0.25°C. Gallium, indium, tin and zinc cells are available.
Isotech Pegasus R High Temperature Blackbody Calibrator

A compact furnace for calibrating radiation pyrometers, the Pegasus R sets the temperature of the furnace on a controller while an independent indicator, whose sensor is built into the furnace’s cavity, indicates the actual radiance temperature. The cavity’s diameter is 20mm (0.8”). The depth is 65mm (2.6”). The emissivity is 0.995. The cavity is removable and a fixed-point cell may be put in its place.